Arnold Arboretum Price List
All prints are in editions of 30 and are available in different sizes than those suggested.

6.67"x10" - $120; in 14"x18" frame - $210
Canada Plum
Chinese Witch Hazel
Japanese Maple
Kousa Dogwood
Morning Mist over Peters Hill
Panicled Goldenrain Tree
Ponderosa Pine
Rosegold Pussy Willow
Weeping European Beech II

8.67"x13" - $200; in 16"x20" frame - $300
Common Lilac
Japanese Red Pine
Silktree Albizia
Weeping European Beech
Yellow Poplar

10.67"x16" - $250; in 19"x24" frame - $375
Drooping Norway Spruce
Dwarf Beech
European Euonymus
Firs and Spruces
Fresh Snow in Oaks
Pagoda Tree
Paper Birches
Peters Hill in Bloom
Weeping Canadian Hemlock

11.67"x17.5" - $275; in 20"x26" frame - $425
Amur Cork Tree
Black Walnuts in Snow
Cucumber Tree
Dawn Redwoods in Snow
Dotted Hawthorn in Winter
Dragons Claw Willows
Hemlocks, Azaleas, and Canada Mayflower
Japanese Cherry Birch
Japanese Honeylocust
London Plane Tree and Path
Maples in Fall
Oaks in Mist
Oaks in Snow
Red Maple
Red Leaf Japanese Maple
Wet Snow on Beeches
Young's Weeping Birch

13.67"x20.5" - $375; in 24"x30" frame - $575
Copper Beech
Japanese Yew
Katsura Tree
Korean Hornbeam
Meadow in the Mist
Pine Gove in Snowstorm
Southern Catalpa
Yellow Birches

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