Barks Price List
All prints are in editions of 30 and are available in different sizes than those suggested.

6.67"x`10" print in 14"x18" frame - $210
Cevennes Pine
Chinese Stewartia II
Chinese Zelkova
Hinoki False Cypress
Tall Stewartia

8.67"x16" print in 16"x20" frame - $300
Chinese Stewartia

10.67"x16" print in 19"x24" frame - $375
American Sycamore
Dawn Redwood
Dove Tree
Japanese Cherry Birch
Japanese Stewartia II
London Plane Tree
Persian Parrotia

11.67"x17.5" print in 20"x26" frame - $425
Hybrid Yew
Japanese Stewartia III
Lapland Scotch Pine
London Plane Tree III

13.67"x20.5" print in 24"x30" frame - $575
Grosser's Maple
Japanese Black Pine
London Plane Tree II
Paperbark Maple

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